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Claus: The Untold Story of Kris Kringle

If you are looking for the perfect holiday read, look no further!  Claus: The Untold Story of Kris Kringle is a wonderful holiday read for both adults and young adults alike.


The twenty-first century is a time of great contradiction. More than ever before, magic is prevalent in our society. Everything from underaged wizards attending school, to deadly battles to see who will rule mythical kingdoms are everywhere in entertainment today.At the same time, technology has advanced at a rate that our forbearers never would have thought possible. We have split the atom, gone to the moon and put all of the world's information in our pockets.How could such contradictions ever co-exist? How could we keep our belief in Santa Claus?


Claus, the Untold Story of Kris Kringle tells the exciting, and unknown story of the man who embodies the Christmas spirit. In the pages of this book you will follow Kris's life as an infant, born to a royal family just as they were deposed, to his life as a young man venturing out into a larger world than he ever imagined.


A world ruled by the sadistic governor who killed his family. A world where toys are illegal and where only Kris can bring joy to the children. All of this, set in a world overshadowed by a mysterious warlock who threatens death to any and all who trespass in the shadow of his mountain.In this book you will learn how Kris managed to navigate all of these obstacles and emerge, changing the world in which we all live.


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