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Skyheist on
Airlines Confidential!


Bob Brantner is the guest of Ben Baldanza and Chris Chiames on their weekly podcast Airlines Confidential!  Airlines Confidential is a weekly podcast where Ben and Chris have a new guest from the aviation industry on every week where they discuss aviation related issues and events.  This week (August 17th) they had Bob on to discuss Skyheist. Be sure to listen in as Bob discusses his latest novel, as well as sharing some thoughts with Ben and Chris about being a professional pilot, and thoughts of where the industry is heading.

Click here to listen to the podcast, or go to!

Skyheist is on

Skyheist made its debut on as aviation's favorite flying ant, Klyde Morris, was found enjoying an advanced copy of the novel.  Klyde's creator (and bestselling author in his own right) Wes Oleszewski did an amazing job in the comic and it is an honor to have him recognize Skyheist.

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