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Latest News on the books front ...

Robert M. Brantner's newest novel Skyheist is now available!

Author and commercial airline pilot, Robert M. Brantner has released his newest novel Skyheist!  It is now available in all formats: Print (hardback), Digital, and Audio!

Airways Magazine's Cody Diamond sits down with Bob to talk about Skyheist. 
Click here to read the full story! 

Skyheist's rankings topped out at 1,777 on Amazon's bestsellers list!

Klyde Morris reads Skyheist


Skyheist is now available hardback

Skyheist is now available in hardback format.  If you are old school, or just appreciate having a beautiful book on your bookshelf, Shyheist makes a great addition to any bookshelf.  Make sure to get this exciting novel on your bookshelf today!

Skyheist is now on Audible

Skyheist is now available on audiobook though Audible.  Tons of you have asked for it, and I have delivered - I even read it myself! Make sure to go to Audible today and spend you credit on this exciting tale filled with twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the every end.  

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